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Sunrock Wines

Sunrock Vineyards, the magnificent granite cliff overlooking the Okanagan hilltop vineyard, creates a terroir in perfect balance to create slow-ripened, ultra-premium fruit. Established in 1999, Sunrock is 180 acres in size and is located at the northern tip of the Sonoran desert now known as the Osoyoos Lake Bench. With an ideal south-facing gentle slope, Sunrock Vineyards sits on a large sandy terrace. A unique convective air movement minimizing disease pressure and frost risk is promoted. Due to the site being adjacent to a massive south-facing outcropping known as “Sunrock” that reflects the sun’s rays during the day and holds the desert heat well after sundown, ripening potential is extended into late October. These attributes contribute to the huge varietal expression for late-ripening varieties that is possible only on limited sites in the Okanagan Valley.