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As Vancouver Island’s premier janitorial company, Fantastic Cleaning’s association with the GAIN Group and Vancouver Island Motor Gathering makes perfect sense.

Not only are they committed to excellence, but as a family business, they are deeply connected to the organizations the event supports.

“We go every year,” says vice-president Mike Sikorski. “We really like the causes, of course, and the fact that the event is supporting these community organizations, and we also love cars, so bringing the two together is amazing.

“You see vehicles you almost never see on the streets here on the Island.”

A family-owned business, Fantastic Cleaning had its start in Saskatchewan, but has been firmly rooted on the Island since 1996 when Mike’s parents, Waldek and Elisabeth Sikorski, moved their family west.

Among Fantastic Cleaning’s many clients are GAIN Group’s dealerships and other facilities, says Mike, half of the second generation helping guide the business today. Joining Mike Motor Gathering sponsorship a perfect fit at the office is brother Philip, human resources and operational manager.

“We’ve just continued to grow,” says Mike, noting the company currently boasts 105 employees who serve all of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. The business is proud to offer full medical and dental benefits as well as the highest starting wages in the private sector to their valued team members.

Helping their team get where they need to go is a fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris vehicles from GAIN, which has made a great difference to their staff’s travel experience and ability to keep their tools and equipment well organized.

“Our relationship with GAIN is very important to us and we’re very proud to be able to support an event like the Vancouver Island Motor Gathering,” Mike says, encouraging everyone to come out and enjoy the day.