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Bluebird Cabs

Bluebird Cabs

No other taxi company has been continuously servicing Greater Victoria for as long as BlueBird, meeting the demands and fulfilling the needs of the consumer. BlueBird’s growth from five (5) taxicabs in 1946, to twenty (20) taxicabs in 1948, over fifty (50) in the “80’s” to the current fleet size of eighty five (85) including eight (8) handicap vans, reflects that BlueBird’s “Driver owned taxi cabs are better cared for, better equipped and passengers receive the best possible and most courteous service.”

BlueBird’s policies regarding clean comfortable cars, neatly attired operators, and quality, courteous service have not been relaxed during our over fifty-nine years of serving the traveling public in Greater Victoria. BlueBird’s high standards of prompt, efficient, courteous service and the desire to ensure consistency in these standards, while continuing to offer value for the services received, has led to the introduction of several tools, policies and standards to the Taxi Industry in Victoria.

BlueBird Cabs has recognized the changing demands of the traveling public, and has stepped forward each time to offer innovative solutions to ensure these demands are met. We look forward to serving our customers today and in the future with our continued innovative and high standard of customer service.