The Judges

Mike Grams and the Coachwerks Team

Mike Grams

Mike Grams & Coachwerks Restoration

Long before Mike Grams founded Coachwerks — the Victoria-based classic car restoration business — he spent every spare minute of his teens around cars. With this company, they specialize in European and British sports cars, and Mike uses the same time-honoured tools and techniques as when these classics were first made, with flawless results.  “I’m fascinated by the stories from the owners, but also the stories the cars tell us,” says Grams. “Some of the cars we’ve been privileged to work on have true historical significance.”

The team, mentored by Grams as well as Rudi Koniczek who’s 50 years in the automotive industry built a team whose expertise in automotive restoration puts them all at the top of the world.

Our judging panel is more than a group of expert scrutinizers of beautiful restoration work but also brings with them a passion and appreciation for preservation and restoration techniques.

We are privileged to have a fantastic judging panel for the 2019 Motor Gathering led by a passionate and prestigious restoration team.