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The David Foster Foundation

The David Foster Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing financial support for non-medical expenses to Canadian families with children in need of life-saving organ transplants. Since 1987, the David Foster Foundation has assisted over 1,100 families with children in need of major organ transplants and provided much-needed dollars in direct family support. In 2006, the Foundation became a national organization, expanding to help families across Canada.

Through the David Foster Foundation, Canadian families receive financial support so they can be with their child during the entire life-saving organ transplant process. From the initial transplant, through to the postoperative care and annual checkups which can often go on for 7 or more years.

In addition to providing financial support to families, the foundation also strives to increase public awareness about the importance of becoming a registered organ donor and thus, they have established the “Be a Donor, Save a Life” Campaign.

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How your donations help.

This video about Jayden just touches our hearts and reminds us of the important work the David Foster Foundation does every day. Thank you to everyone for attending the 2017 Motor Gathering and for helping us raise over $174,000 this year in cash donations and over $180,000 in in-kind donations.

Jayden’s Story

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